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African & Afro-Caribbean Design Diaspora, 2015

"Diaspora Dynamics"




 Diasporic Exchange:

Colonialism has left an impact in every corner of the globe. My practice aims at exposing and resisting white supremacy, but also creating a dialogue between those in the Diaspora. To take what is ‘unhomely’ and create a space that can be familiar. The title of the 2015 AACDD exhibition is “Diaspora Dynamics” and with that in mind, I wanted to encourage interaction with others in whatever Diaspora they are a part of. Begin a cultural dialogue and exchange with audience members through dominos. As bell hooks notes “Not in reaction to whiteness or domination but in the space of creation and creativity...creating the narrative rather than reclaiming.”


It was already ours to begin with.



Copyright Artist Marcia X

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