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Dove Street Studios, 2017

This performance/installation is a fragmented visual representation of Caribbean culture, spirituality  and memory. It is not a ritual for stranger spectators to bear witness to, nor an ethnographic installation for scientific study. It is coded for those who are often denied representation within the gallery, and in particular discussions concerning boarders, immigration and indigenous identity.

The need to create the installation came out of processing the emotional trauma to the shooting of those in the Orlando nightclub Pulse in June, 2016, where over half of the victims were Puerto Ricans.

An altar, for me as the artist and child of a Boricua woman, was devoted to Puerto Rican motherhood, abused by systemically by the state, denied the ability to claim citizenship in social interactions with white Americans, and have been forced to let their children die in wars and lose the right to create life when they choose.

I am influenced by Puerto Rican Diasporic experiences, cultural memory and Caribbean artistic dialogues.

Voyages excavating the past
stabilizing the present
imagining the future


Copyright Artist Marcia X

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