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Books and Zines

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Matla Travel Zine €10


Themes: Travel, Malta, Photography



Crete Travel Zine €7


Themes: Travel, Crete, Photography



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Barcelona Travel Zine €7


Themes: Travel, Barcelona, Spain, photography

Stockholm Travel Zine €7

Themes: Travel, Stockholm, Sweden, Photography

Altar Zine €5


"Altar" documents my process creating an installation and performance for the "Move Your Homeland" group show at Dove Street Studios in Norwich, UK. Move your Homeland sought to question notions of home, borders, welcomes, communities, cross cultures, free movement and in the light of the current political landscape, these issues are becoming more and more important to explore.


Themes: memory, spirituality, performance, documentation, installation art.

Memory as Resistance Zine €7


"Memory as Resistance" is a collection of writing and film stills produced during my artist residency at Dyad Creative Duo's space, Dove Street Studios. During the month long residency, I produced films about Diasporic memory, separation, and prayers to ancestors.


Themes: memory, ancestry, diaspora, food, film, poetry, film art



The Self is a Trick of Memory €10

"The Self is a Trick of Memory" is a paperback book filled with photography, film stills, and poetry produced for a live stage show of the same name for the Norwich Arts Centre. In June 2017 I visited my family in Puerto Rico, and through out my weeks there, I photographed and film my family. Upon returning to the UK, I created a series of short films and poetry for an ambitious show for April, 2018. A portion of the sales will be donated to Hurricane Relief Efforts.


Themes: Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria, Diaspora, Latinidad, colonialism, film, poetry, photography, family, resistance

Copyright Artist Marcia X

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