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Mistress Velvet & Black Domme Traditions


Photography gallery from the memorial and exhibition in celebration of Mistress Velvet at the Chicago Leather and Archives Museum, Nov 2021.

Organized by Heaux History

D.O.P/Photography: Artist Marcia X

"Mistress Velvet & Black Domme Traditions

Chicago, Illinois

COMING SOON — A short documentary on the history of Black Dommes in America with a focus on Mistress Velvet. The documentary will explore the cultural and political contributions of Black Dommes that have impacted sex work industry and the mainstream cultural conversations overall.

SHOWN HERE — Highlights from a memorial celebrating the life of Mistress Velvet (1988 – 2021) with members of the Chicago community."

For more information, please visit Old Pro Productions:

Copyright Artist Marcia X

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