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Performance: “An Open Letter To My University”


Chila Burman writes that Black women artists face hostility and indifference from their institutions.  Since these women are working with tutors and professors who teach within an imperialist, white supremacist Eurocentric framing of art practice, I suppose one shouldn’t be surprised. In general, students of color face obstacles & racism within the institution and outside of it, something their white classmates do not, and are expected to come to class and compete at the same level as their white peers. If there is no support group for these students, where do they go? What do they do? They are learning about the material and cultural values from a society that has shaped their landscapes from a history of colonialism & imperialism.

This video is my open letter to not just my own university, but to the university’s all over that have participated in perpetuating the same problems for students of color.

Artist Marcia X

A video created by the lovely gentlemen at Two-Vivid Productions about my art practice and politics.

Copyright Artist Marcia X

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