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The Gonzo Museum of Ethnology Presents: Diasporic X, 2014


Gonzo curation disregards the traditional methods of art presentation favored by galleries and strives for accuracy through the reporting of personal experiences and emotions; the personality of a piece is equally as important as the subject the piece is about. -From X-pedia

The Diaspora is an ‘unhomely experience’ creating a state of cultural consciousness irrespective of where the physical body may be. The Gonzo Museum of Ethnology focuses on Marcia X’s Diaspora / diasporic experience as a woman of color existing within the constant flux of foreign spaces. The personal is always political and so the work offers narratives that are layered with observation and critique on the institutions in which those private and social boundaries connect. The interactive elements of this installation seek to transcend cultural spaces and the installation over all creates new methods of producing intersectional feminist work


Copyright Artist Marcia X

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