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Dj'ing, visuals and first gigs

I got my first DJ gig last month. Thank you to all those at Qwerty and DRAS, fantastic Queer event organizers in Barcelona. Drag, cabaret and the alphabet mafia all came out to have a great show! So grateful to make my debut there.

A few days after this gig, I was asked to DJ at another queer bar called Lo De Carmen with my favorite drag queen Emmie Reek for Halloween! I was Lydia Deetz (from the marriage scene in Beetlejuice).

I have spent the last few months learning how to mix well, and I can hear my improvements as I revisit mixes from several weeks ago. It's been very fulfilling. Also, I am now in the habit of giving titles to my mixes and creating album art for them. Below are some examples.

I have even made them into shirts, which firstly, came out great, and secondly, I want to make more!!

Overall, dj'ing is opening up a lot for me and I am very grateful.


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