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Moving House

For reasons that have to do with geopolitics and my own economic choices, I am beginning to move 'house'...aka, I am going to make a new site elsewhere. The change isn't going to be soon, but soon enough. I've had a lovely website here but things have forced my hand, and I will be changing things.

I will miss the stock images provided here, NGL.

But so much in my little universe is changing, so I actually am really looking forward to this shift for my acre of digital space. Time to clean up, focus on what is relevant, what is important, and then move on accordingly. It's been a long time coming, taking real stock of what I need from the online world. I would be lying if I didn't say that my time on the fediverse isn't a large factor in how I have pulled away from that part of the world. But it is what it is.

I am able to at least stay more present in my day to day, I can create, I am happy about those things. I have been able to focus on my mental health. However, #MarciaMail will also probably under go a shift. I will write to the subscribers and see how they feel about this. It's been a certain format for many years, but evolution is coming for every part of my digital world.

I won't be sharing the new links just yet, because things aren't ready. But soon I will debut a new "welcome to my [digital] crib"

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